Invitation à la conférence Mastering Scrum par Alten (en anglais)

Conférence gratuite mardi 12 décembre de 19h à 20h30 sur Teams, intitulée Mastering Scrum (cadre de développement de produits complexes) en anglais.

How to create and continually improve products and services that help customers achieve valuable outcomes ?

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Pooja is an experienced Scrum Master who has played multiple roles in her IT career thus giving her the broader perspective to step into those shoes and tackle issues much more effectively.

Known to be an excellent communicator, she finds it very essential to have a balance between keeping both the customers and the team members happy.

She believes it is a learning each day, and what better to employ than Agile to implement new ideas and experiment with different approaches to projects.

Helio PIRES 

Helio was born in the small country of Cabo Verde, where he resided until I turned 18.

Later, he moved to Portugal, earning a master’s degree in software engineering from the University of Coimbra.

Currently, you can find him in the south of France, serving as an ALTEN consultant at Amadeus.

There, he has the chance to advance the agile mindset while working as a technical scrum master in an international context. 

Valentin BOIDIN 

Valentin has always enjoyed solving puzzles and thinking about problems as a whole, which is what inspired him to become a robotics engineer (SupMeca Toulon).

Later, when he had the opportunity to become a scrum master, he continued to use the same problem-solving skills to help teams achieve continuous improvement.

With a commitment to marrying engineering principles with agile practices, he acts as a neutral leader navigating between business interests and product reality.

Having now worked in many sectors for a wide variety of companies, he continues to hone his skills to better help his clients.

He also shares his feedbacks with ALTEN teams to help them gain in maturity, better structure their work and share best practices.


An engineer by training (ISBS PARIS: ESIEE-Paris 12) and passionate about technological innovation, Babo is a consultant, trainer and speaker in digital and agile transformation.  

For almost 15 years, he has been working with organizations of all sizes (startups, non-governmental organizations or large industrial groups) to support them in their transformation

towards operational efficiency and optimization of value creation. 

Certified coach and trainer in agile practices, Babo  runs numerous certification training courses and conferences on agility each year.

Internationally, he has appeared as a speaker at several conferences  and international meetings on innovation in Abu Dhabi, Tunis, Algiers, Zilina (Slovakia), Brussels, Fez (Morocco) and  USA.


Alten est un grand partenaire de l’école. Par son programme de reconnaissance, INSA entreprises relaie son évènement.

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